Creditsafe API

Global Gateway

Global Gateway Service

The Global Gateway Service (GGS) is a complete integrated web solution that allows for worldwide company searching and common structured reports from our database providing a single point of access and integration into your applications.

The API is designed so that search and report request and responses are standardised so that only one integration is needed. Using the GGS you can easily build applications that have instant access to 230 million companies in 70 countries worldwide.

GGS is simple and time-saving XML solution that allows a full range of services to be made available through an integrated and global basis. The company report service allows the client to obtain company data from all across the world in a common structure format.

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Data Coverage

Instant company searching and company report retrieval on over 190 million companies worldwide.


Instant notification of company event changes on a broad range of credit, financial and company change events.

Standardised Reports

All Creditsafe API reports are delivered instantly in a standardised common report format and structure.

Common Scores

Common credit scores for all companies making it easy to compare ratings across companies in different countries.

Built with your business in mind

 Quick and easy set up

Integrate key company, contact and credit information into your business applications within minutes..

 Dedicated support

Our dedicated support team are at hand offering help and advice when needed.


The Creditsafe API delivers credit information securely around the world, around the clock.

 Ready made integrations

Seamless integration with CRM & Finance applications including Salesforce, Sage, Dynamics, SAP and more.

 A wealth of information

Choose from over 200 data sets including company, contact, CCJ and credit risk data.

 International Coverage

The Creditsafe API delivers information on 230 million companies in 70 countries around the world.

 Fast & Reliable

Responds instantly to queries and grows as quickly as your business.

 Cost effective

Creditsafe’s pricing model makes credit information affordable to everyone. Not just the finance team.

 Advanced Search

Search by company name, number, address amongst much more.

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